Why choose PCLI?

EXPERTISE Our highly skilled specialists have a track record of success. They draw on the combined experience of more than 100,000 LASIK procedures and 500,000 cataract-related surgeries.
TRUSTED 97% of our patients say they are very likely to recommend us to friends and colleagues.
NFL PLAYERS Numerous NFL players, spouses, and coaches have turned to PCLI surgeons for LASIK vision correction.
REPUTATION More than 1,700 healthcare providers refer patients to us for vision correction surgery.
OUR CARE When you entrust the care of your vision to PCLI, our team of experts concentrates their skills on giving you the best possible outcome.


My LASIK experience was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. Their facility is clean and beautiful, and all the staff was very warm and helpful! I have 20/20 vision now without contacts or glasses. – BOISE, ID

Our technology

BLADE-FREE LASIK at PCLI is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art procedure. But it is relatively simple for those undergoing treatment and takes just a few minutes. Our surgeons use precise, computer-guided laser systems to evaporate a small amount of tissue and adjust the eye’s focusing power. This is usually less tissue than the thickness of a human hair. Most people can return to work the next day. feature image
  • Over 40 MILLION procedures
  • The most popular elective surgery
  • More than 95% are satisfied with their new vision


Multiple doctors over the years said my prescription was just too severe for LASIK. However, PCLI performed LASIK on me and now I miraculously see 20/20! Being a dentist, I was extremely concerned about the outcome. I couldn’t be happier. The doctors, staff and facility are top-notch! – LAKE STEVENS, WA

About PCLI

From small-town roots in western Washington, PCLI has become one of the nation’s busiest and most trusted eye surgery providers. With 17 locations in 6 states, we specialize in LASIK laser vision correction and cataract surgery.

Let us help you see clearly.

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